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The company was established in 1990 to offer a precision contract machining service and to develop and produce HYDROWE's own range of hydraulic equipment.

During the initial years it was realised that to ensure success within our marketplace and to establish ourselves as a supplier of choice we had to offer service, quality, prompt deliveries and all at a competitive price. We have during our lifetime continually invested in both equipment and people. Along with the obvious machines and tools you would expect any suppliers to own or have access to, we have the most up to date CNC equipment available. These will, in conjunction with highly skilled engineers, enable our customers to maintain their own quality and delivery expectations.

An important part of our ethos has been to offer all the benefits of an in-house machining facility without the operational headaches, i.e. a tailor-made service to suit your needs, whether it be 100% inspection, advice and cooperation in the development of tooling, or simply having the tooling there when you require it. This philosophy has ensured the year on year profitable growth of our company whilst less forward thinking companies and competitors have struggled. The facilities we have available, plus the cumulative experience we have gained, go way beyond that which most domestic tool rooms could ever aspire to. Our most recent investment has been to expand the business by establishing a sister company overseas. The primary reason for this strategic move is to tap into rapidly expanding markets and secondly to offer a further extremely competitive option, whilst still maintaining quality and the standard of service our customers have grown to expect.

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